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Ansei Ueshiro was one of the first Okinawan martial artists to bring Karate to America. "I am going to teach karate to the American people the way it was taught to me",  stated Master Ueshiro just before his arrival to America in 1962. A World champion from 1958-1962 and retiring uncontested, he was a foremost master of the bo, art of the staff.

Early in his career, Mr. Ueshiro was the chief Instructor at the Naha Hombu Nagamine Dojo in Okinawa. He became renowned for his fighting skills and teaching Karate to American servicemen stationed in Okinawa. It was one such Marine, James Wax, who was pivotal in arranging for Mr. Ueshiro's special visa to come to this America.

During the past 62 years in America Master Ueshiro has become one of the most influential Karatemen in the world. Over 200 schools in the US, Israel & China have their roots and heritage linked to him and his students.

To-te Ueshiro Karate Dojo is an active member of  USRKUSA | Founded by Ansei Ueshiro in 1962 and under the direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione.

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